Behavioural Finance

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Introduction to Behavioural Finance (.pdf), updated 14 April 2010
Psychology of Successful Investing (.pdf), 12 February 2011

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Adaptive Attitudes Affect Heuristic Aversion to Ambiguity Anchoring (and Adjustment) Attention Anomalies
Attribution Substitution Heuristic Availability Heuristic Barn Door Closing Base Rate Neglect Bid-Ask Spread
Book-to-market Bubbles Calendar Effects Cascades Causality Heuristic
Certainty Effect Choosing by Default Heuristic Choosing By Liking Heuristic Closed end Clustering
Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive Diversity Communal Reinforcement Confirmation Bias Conjunction Fallacy
Conservatism Bias Contagions Contrarian Culture Curse of knowledge
Daylight Saving Anomaly Demand Disappointment Disjunction Effect Disposition Effect
Dividends Dotcom Earnings Endowment Effect Equity premium
Event Selection Evolutionary Expected Utility Hypothesis False Consensus Favourite-Longshot Bias
Fear Fluency Heuristic Framing Frequency Illusions Fungibility
Gamblers Fallacy Gambling/Speculation Geomagnetic Storms Glamour vs. Value Global/Domestic
Growth Halloween Herding/Crowd Heuristics Hindsight Bias
Holidays Hot Hand Illusion of Control Illusion of Knowledge Illusion of Validity
Intraday Effects Intramonth Effects Irrelevance of History January Barometer January Effect
Law of Small Numbers Loss Aversion Loss Realization Lunar Magical Thinking
Mean Reversion Mental Accounting Mental Compartments Momentum Monday effect
Money Illusion Mutual Funds Noise Optimism Outrage Heuristic
Overconfidence Overreaction Over- and Underreaction Persistence Persuasion Effect
Pessimism and Doubt Press Coverage Price Reversals Probability and Statistics Prospect Theory
Prototype Heuristic Quarterly Effects Rational Recognition Heuristic Regret
Representativeness Heuristic Reward Pursuit Risk Saving Selective Thinking
Self Control Self-attribution Bias Self Deception Sentiment Serial Correlation
Similarity Heuristic Size Effect Solar Sport Status Quo Bias
Style Sunk Cost Super Bowl Surprise Heuristic Survival
Technical Analysis Touchy-feely Syndrome Trend Uncertainty Underreaction
Unpacking Effect Value Weather Weekend Effect Window Dressing
Winner’s Curse

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